A list of some of the projects I've done/am working on:

Personal Projects

Motorized Bike : DIY gas-powered motorized bike.

Rocketry : My foray into the world of amateur rocketry.

Sketches : Computer graphics, demos, and simulations using the the Processing web framework.

Triangleception : An interesting math project concerning a spiral and the limits of recursive sequences.

The Lyric Box : Random song lyrics from a list of ones I like. Regularly added to.

Team Projects

Mandelbulb Viewer : An application in C and OpenGL capable of displaying the "Mandelbulb" fractal in realtime.

Mini Projects/Tutorials

Headphone Splitter: Why share earwax?

Cheap Soldering Helping Hands: Make soldering easier.

Other Activities

High School Autonomous Vehicle Project : A student-driven program creating educational tools to teach about self-driving cars.

Teenflight : A program where students build an RV-12 experimental airplane.